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FUH nurses day 2022

diversity illuminated

I love being involved in these projects each year with Marlies. It is very rewarding to help showcase the nursing industry and to have the freedom to express a story through images. This year we wanted to focus on the wonderful diversity that goes beyond the cliche, and each image has underlying unseen diversity portrayed. The UAE has certainly mastered the art of bringing cultures together peacefully, and these images celebrate that. Our nurses are the behind the scene masters of their craft, and it is always an honor to be involved with FUH.

Mix 3 5x7.jpg
Denat 5x7.jpg
Mix 2 5x7_edited.jpg
Indian Females 5x7.jpg
Africa 5x7_edited.jpg
CV1A0223 5x7.jpg
Veiled Nurses 5x7_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 11.27_edited.jpg
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